Sing with me!

When I logged on to my blog today to see if any new comments had appeared and to see how many visitors I’ve had, I got a shock. I had twenty new comments, I would be happy if I had got one comment, and all were written in English! I could see on the referenced e-mail addresses that it was from USA, Germany, Poland, Hungary and so on.

I want to thank everyone who reads my blog, even though it might not be in your native language. However, I hope indeed Google does a fair translation 😉 but it seems like you all have captured the message. I’ve been thinking about writing the blog in English but it is not quite the same, and not all the Swedes understands English. Perhaps in the future, if I get more time for writing my blog, I might make a parallel blog in English, but I don’t want to promise anything.

Thank you for the nice comments and the positive feedback!

A dear friend quoted Steven Tyler to me once in a letter;

Sing with me, sing for the year

Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear

Sing with me, if it’s just for today

And so we sing with our friends. About the year, about the laughter, about the tears, about the day – about life.

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  1. Princess,

    the reason I quoted those lines to you might not be immediately obvious, but it was actually you who taught me to sing for the year, for the laughter, and the tear, during all those many days when you were bedridden in your room at Tideliusgatan so many years ago. Do you remember? I used to come there – at one o’clock in the afternoon, about the earliest time I could manage! :- ) – to study for your various projects and exams at school, and I could most often not wait to get there. Because you, a young, paralyzed girl, confined to her bed day in and day out, week after week, month after month, filled that small room with all of your personality and your thoughts and feelings and impulses to create a world of your own wherein I could escape all the drudgery of everyday life and learn a totally overwhelming way of looking at life – if you, being in the situation you were in, could be so incredibly alive, so happy about even the smallest thing in life (do you remember the tivoli, all those small lights stringed along the walls that you so loved to have turned on?), what did I have to complain about? You gave me a perspective on life that was totally overwhelming, and yes, I did learn to sing for the year, for the laughter, and the tear. The laughters were many, the tears were there as well, and so were many of the years. Do you know, I used to walk all the way back home – and that’s a pretty long walk, mind you – filled with both happiness and sadness. Happiness simply becuase I was so grateful even to be able to do that – walk all the way home, in what was most often a brilliant evening – and sadness because you would never be able to walk ever again. But confined to your bed, confined to your wheelchair, you danced more beautifully and more gracefully and with far more dignity than you had ever done before. You were walking in the air, Princess, becuase nothing – absolutely nothing – could keep you down. You were lying in your bed, but you were flying high above. And you brought me with you, all the way up until we saw the mountains flying by. And I learned more about life than I have ever learned from anybody else ever. And that from the best friend anybody could ever have. I am flabbergasted and still quiet in awe of the fact that I turned out to be so undeservedly lucky in life. How do you ever meet such a remarkable person and such a very good friend? Well, you don’t. Except in fairy tales. Although sometimes fairy tales actually do come true. For this I will always be so grateful that even I am at a loss for words. You rock, Princess. You totally rock. Hugs and all the best, Bellis P.S. You know what? If Steven Tyler knew this remarkable story, he would totally agree. His words were written for you, simply because they are about you. Sing, Princess, for the year, for the laughter, and for the tear.

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