When life took a dive

My book When Life Took a Dive, so far published in Swedish, is an autobiography, telling the story of my life after the fateful accident in which I broke my neck and became paralysed from the chest down.

I wrote and published my story both in order to help people having had accidents similar to mine realise there is a way back to life and because I wanted to contribute to a deeper understanding for the functionally impaired among people in general.
The book has been widely acclaimed and sold well, but funds are still scarce.

It was possible for me to publish it in Swedish due to a sponsorship from my employer, but to publish it in English, I need your help. To have the book translated into English and printed, I would need a sum of 11500 euros. Among those contributing at least 30 euros, I will, if I reach my goal, raffle off 15 personally signed and dedicated copies of the English edition of When Life Took a Dive, mailed out free of charge and postage. Should you be unable to contribute money but still want to help out for the sake of supporting further understanding for the functionally impaired, please just spread the word!

Thank you kindly!


Link to my campaign http://igg.me/at/yasmin/x/4857626

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